What's included in the log shell package?

The log shell package includes the log walls, log posts and beams to support the roof structure,          log floor joists to support the second floor, log stairs and log handrails. We also offer dimensional lumber, log stain, wood flooring, etc. 


?????????????????????????????????????????Our custom log homes are some of the most thermally and energy efficient log homes being built today. There are two factors that determine the R-value of logs that we use; the diameter and the species. The greater the diameter of the logs used to construct your home, the higher the R-value and thermal mass it provides. The cellular structure of the Western Red Cedar provides a better R-Value in comparison to any of the other log species. As a rule, the wood fibre that we use in our custom log homes is more energy efficient to heat and cool than a conventional stick frame home built with 2×6 studs and R19 insulation.

Cost/square foot

????????????????????????????????????????It is very difficult to quote per square foot as there are so many variables which affect the cost of a handcrafted log home. Some of these variables include: log species, size of logs, the detail of the plan, the number of corners, the intricacy of the floor and roof system as well as any special feature or individual touches you might want to incorporate into your luxury log home. If you have an idea of the size or a rough plan of what you want, Pioneer Log Homes can provide you with an approximate price. Schedule a time to speak or meet with us to discuss your dreams and budget.