Log Trusses and Log Roof Systems.

Our log trusses are handcrafted to accent your log home and also add structural integrity to your roof system. Weather you choose one of our round log homes or a square log dovetail log home we can build your structural accents. 

Our log roof systems are build with posts and beams to give your roof style and structural integrity. You can also add timber rafters to these roof systems for another unique look.

Log Stairs and Log hand rails.

We have a few styles to choose from. If you have a round log home we can build your stairs leaving the natural round part of the log exposed on the underside of your staircase. If you build a square timber-dovetail home we can build your stairs using custom milled lumber to give your stairs a unique and ?????????

When you order one of our round log homes we highly recommend you order our round log cedar handrails for your loft, stairs and your deck.

If you choose one of our square log dovetail homes we also offer custom milled handrails for lofts, stairs and decks. These custom milled handrails will ?????????????????????

Lofts, Balconies and Decks

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