The Riverside Cabin

833 Square Feet 

Log cabin floor plan

First Floor Plan - 440 Square Feet

Second Floor Plan - 393 Square Feet

Why Choose Near North Log Homes?

Near North Log Homes believes that we offer the most attractive and the most up to date log building techniques that produce the most structurally sound homes on the market. We have been constructing handcrafted log homes for over 10 years. Near North Log homes not only has the expertise, but also continues to upgrade and learn the newest techniques being taught by some of the most renowned log builders in the world. We take pride in constructing only quality custom log homes. Our attention to detail and the natural beauty of the logs we select give each log home owner a unique one of a kind log home that will last generations.


The Treasure Cabin

964 Square Feet

First Floor Plan - 747 Square Feet

Second Floor Plan - 217 Square Feet

The Amarok Cabin

980 Square Feet

Square Timber Option

Round Log Option

First Floor Plan - 600 Square Feet

Second Floor Plan - 380 Square Feet

The Fraser Cabin

1192 Square Feet

First Floor Plan - 596 Square Feet

Second Floor Plan - 596 Square Feet

The Sturgeon Cabin

1488 Square Feet

First Floor Plan - 830 Square Feet

Second Floor Plan - 658 Square Feet

The Barrier Cabin

1786 Square Feet

First Floor Plan - 1786 Square Feet


Log styles and joinery

Requirements for any corner joinery are to provide structural integrity of whole log home construction, to avoid air and water infiltration and to appeal to the esthetic of the home owner. Here are two methods that I utilize most.


Scandinavian Saddle Notch

Naturally-shaped with hand-peeled logs which are hand scribed and saddle-notched to custom fit one another. No chinking required but it's more labor intensive and expensive.

Square Log Dovetail

Typically flattened on four sides and joined at the corners by a  dovetail joint. This corner notch is very stable, secure and self-locking.


Custom Milling

 Log Hand rails

Bed frames

Log Stairs

Log roof systems

Wood flooring





Log accents

Gates and barn doors

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